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We’ve designed these presets to mimic the most popular photography looks on Instagram so that you don’t have to spend your own time figuring it out. Each preset was made with care and time, hand-crafted for your needs. We’ve included all kinds of editing styles and moods, so that you can choose whatever matches your feeling on any given day. Give your photography personality and emotion with this versatile collection of  65 presets. So many different artistic possibilities, at such a low price. 

ONLY $24.95

65 professional Lightroom preset bundle

Here are some examples of the presets included in this pack. 

Preset: "Good Times"

Preset: "New York City"

Preset: "Weekend"

Preset: "Gloom"

Preset: "Evanescent"

Preset: "Subtle"

Preset: "Sea Spray"

Preset: "Ophelia"

Preset: "Amorous"

Preset: "Shadow"

What's Included?

This pack is perfect for millennial photo-takers wanting to achieve the look and styles of the top influential Instagram photographers. It’s a versatile collection of 65 professional Lightroom presets that includes every vibe that you can think of. It can be used on any type of photography from portraiture, travel, lifestyle, concert, studio, wedding, food, and more. These Lightroom presets work with Lightroom CC, Classic CC, 6, 5, and 4. They also work beautifully with RAW and JPG images to create stunning photos. We included all different kinds of popular editing styles: moody, warm, cool, vibrant, B&W, dramatic, vintage, film, and more. 


It has never been easier to get the aesthetic that you want. Click the button below to find out for yourself.